Managing Director of My Parcel Delivery David Grimes spoke to budding entrepreneurs and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students at Salford University as part of its guest speaker series to offer insight into the world of a business owner.

The boss of the Trafford Park-based online parcel comparison site told the students he was “a workaholic who never stops” and that his “glass is always half-full” attitude had led to 2014 being a milestone year for My Parcel Delivery.

The company received over £1.5m funding this year allowing the business to recruit leading experts in marketing, IT, web design and customer services, together with a move to larger premises and investment in innovative technology development.

David told the students:

“When you are starting out you have to project yourself to give people the confidence to buy from you or work with you. Big yourself up, yes, but make sure you deliver on your promises. And one of the greatest successes you will ever have is the team you recruit. Your people are everything so if you surround yourself with talent they will take you from “zero” to “hero”. 

“For my company the venture capital funding was a major milestone moment. It not only showed our carrier partners, customers and the business community that we were backed by really influential people but funding like that allows you to accelerate your growth and diversify. The rationale behind funding is you can get to where you want to be in two years rather than five.” 

He said:

“A huge benefit of having an online business model is your business can be accessed anywhere. About 25% of our business is international and we are looking ahead to increase that. We’ve diversified our offering to customers with new 3PL services and are developing software that will have a real impact on the market and for online consumers. ” 

MBA Director at Salford University Yvonne Moogan said:

“We have guest speakers to link in with the curriculum so David’s insight into his company was not only enlightening but will help the students relate the theory learned in class to the reality of a growing business in the real world.”

MBA student, Basil Mohammed, said:

“The reason I’m doing an MBA is to see how people get going and start up a business because everyone goes through a phase where you don’t know what you’re doing and you need to make a decision so looking at other people’s journey’s, such as David’s, is a real inspiration.”

David said:

“I’ve got many scars from my time in business but that’s just part of the game and you’ve got to accept it. Starting a business is a risk but if you believe in it, it can work. You are always going to make mistakes but just make sure that you learn from them.”

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