Lancashire-based pet food brand Webbox is thrilled to announce that its popular dog treat, DreamBone, has won in the Pet Food category of the prestigious Grocer New Product Awards 2015.

The win comes after 96 per cent of testers rated their dog’s enjoyment of the product as good or excellent, and 62 per cent thought that the treat offered something new and different.

Julie Butcher, marketing manager at Webbox, comments: “We’re delighted to have been awarded a Grocer New Product Award for DreamBone. It is great to hear the incredible feedback received from the panel of testers, with more than two thirds saying they would buy the product again!

“With the demand for healthier pet food increasing in recent years, we have also seen the sales of DreamBone grow month-on-month.”

DreamBone is a nutritious yet healthy treat for dogs and is made with vegetables and chicken. It is also both low in fat, and low in sugar, and is 95 per cent digestible.

The product is a premium treat, available in various sizes and suitable for small, medium and large breeds. The treats have a retail price from £2.49-£4.99 depending on bone and pack size.

Julie concludes: “DreamBone is stocked in a number of major supermarkets including, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, so if you’re looking for healthy yet highly palatable treat for your dog, pick yours up now.”

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