A group of grassroots charities and not-for-profit organisations are hoping to work together to bring an end to homelessness in the city of Manchester by working together as a coalition.

The forming of the Coalition of Relief (COR) aims to provide long-term solutions to local homelessness and get people back on their feet and off the streets. The intital groups involved in the formation of COR are Coffee4Craig, LifeShare, Sleeping Ruff, Community Awareness Network, Addiction Dependency Solutions, Myriad Foundation, Not Just Soup, Mad Dogs, and Breakfast in Bed.

The coalition will meet fortnightly and will work alongside Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and other non-grassroots homeless organisations and other organisations are invited to apply to join.

COR aims to bring about an end to homelessness through a united effort. They plan to alter public perception, encourage responsible giving, and increase the availability of accessible housing.

‘This is a huge step in the right direction and it’s great to be working with so many great charities and grass root organisations on such a large scale.

There is a sense that this could be a fresh start, and a feeling that things are being done differently here in Manchester. We are now a city standing united against homelessness, and by coming together we are much more effective in tackling homelessness and its surrounding issues’ – Mikey Thompson, Coalition of Relief.

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