We all remember a time when the Triangle in Manchester was home to beach-themed clothing shops like Roxy and O’Neill. It was a good stop-off if you wanted to grab a coffee from Café Nero, and it was a place to buy your first ever pink and black skate shoes from Vans at the age of fifteen…

However, if you walk into the Triangle today – or the Corn Exchange as it’s now known – you will find all those shops vanished in late 2015 and have been replaced with some of the best and diversely delicious restaurants the city centre has to offer.

Because we’re a bunch of social creatures in this office, we thought we’d give the Corn Exchange a go and so off we went to the award-winning Mexican restaurant, Wahaca – because it’s not all work and no play at huddled HQ.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive fan of trying a range of cuisines, but I always naively thought that Mexican food mainly consisted of fajitas and tacos. Of course I was thrilled to discover that the menu at Wahaca offered a heck of a lot more – fantastic for choice, a nuisance for my indecisive nature.

When I first walked in I noticed that Wahaca had a somewhat laid back kind of atmosphere – this made it the perfect spot for an after work outing. Plus, the selection of cocktails available meant that we were more than occupied while we were waiting for our food to arrive (mine’s a passionfruit margarita, thank you).

The staff directed us to our table which was located outside the main restaurant section in the heart of the Corn Exchange, and we were made to feel instantly welcome. Our waitress explained the menu to us in thorough detail and even circled the food we’d ordered on our menus to make sure there were no confusions, which I particularly liked. It’s safe to say we ordered quite a bit of food but as they say, when in Mexico…

Perhaps the main highlight for me was the ‘Street Food’ section of the menu. This is handy if you’re not quite sure what you fancy as you can order a few dishes in a kind of tapas style serving. And with tacos, tostadas and taquitos to choose from, and a number of classic quesadillas, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Don’t worry if street food isn’t for you though because on the ‘Bigger Food’ section of the menu they have food from the grill, salads, burritos, and enchiladas – with some delicious sides such as rice and beans, sweet potato fries and spicy slaw to give your meal that extra bit of flavour.

So, after we’d ordered every bit of food that Wahaca had to offer (almost), we finished off with some churros, chocolate sauce and passionfruit sorbet and left with happy faces and full stomachs.

If you want to know a little more about our visit to this popular Mexican restaurant, here’s what the rest of our team had to say about their Wahaca experience:

Olwen: ‘I’d not been inside the Corn Exchange before and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Wahaca is a great addition to Manchester and anything Mexican is always a winner with me. I was especially a fan of the crab taquitos!’

Hannah: ‘I was very impressed with the food and enjoyed my strawberry and basil daiquiri. The staff were friendly and helpful and I can’t wait to go back again soon. ‘

Tom: ‘I’ve been to Wahaca before so I jumped at the chance to go again because I know how good it is. I love the way they offer the food like tapas, it makes it easier to try all the different foods they have and I’ve never been disappointed with my choice. The staff are always nice and every time I leave I can’t wait to go again.’

Leah: ‘ I thought the food was lovely and the cocktails were even better. The passion fruit margarita is one I would recommend most definitely.’


Thanks for having us, Wahaca. We can’t wait to come back soon!


Do you have a favourite place for work socials in Manchester? Comment below or tweet us at @huddledNW


Written by Suzanne Goddard – Content Editor

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