Earlier this week huddled attended Thinking Digital, an event that consisted of workshops in various locations around the city and a day of talks from industry influencers held at HOME, Manchester.  

The workshops covered topics including virtual reality, paid social advertising, coding and the benefits of a lean and agile workplace. This was a great opportunity to learn invaluable industry knowledge and network with people from other businesses and industries.

Described as a ‘gripping, communal journey for those curious about “what’s next”’, 2016 marked Thinking Digital’s ninth year and was hosted by founder, Herb Kim.

He introduced all the speakers including Sarah Drinkwater from Campus at Google, Ed Barton from Curiscope and Jennifer Arcuri from Hacker House. They all had 20 minutes to demonstrate their ideas before a brief Q&A with Herb to conclude their section.

Suzanne, Content Editor at huddled said: “Huddled gives us the opportunity to attend a lot of fantastic events but I’d never been to anything quite like Thinking Digital before. The workshops were really insightful and since we all attended a different one, it was great to talk to each other about what we’d learnt afterwards.

“The turnout for the day of talks was brilliant and it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces from the workshops. I found each presentation fascinating, educational and at times, filled with unexpected comedy. Plus, I’d never been to HOME before so that was a new experience for me.”

huddled would like to take the opportunity to thank Emma Turnbull and Steve Cole at Thinking Digital and HOME for their wonderful hospitality.  

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