OVG Director, Neil Walker and Google search expert, Simon Guest will be teaming up on Tuesday 29th November in an eye-opening digital event hosted by Sedulo at their Manchester office.

The two specialist industry experts will lead the free event, 10 Ways to Win with Digital in 2017, by discussing the various ways in which brands can enhance their digital marketing in the new year to stay ahead of the competition.

Topics that Simon will cover will include consumer behaviour, micro-moments, intent driven moments of decision making, preference shaping that occur throughout the company and how companies can boost their online presence. Neil will discuss the secrets to creating great content from an award-winning digital marketing agency.

Neil said, ‘this is a great opportunity for businesses to learn from Online Ventures Group and Google to make big improvements with their digital marketing in 2017. I’m hoping to open a lot of eyes on what they are potentially missing out on and how they can avoid the mistakes made by other companies.’

To attend this event, please visit the website and book your place.

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