Okay, so you didn’t get the job and now you are feeling a bit deflated, disappointed and maybe even angry. This is all totally normal but you need to put these feelings aside for a few minutes and have a think about what you need to do next.

Always request feedback

After an interview, it can be difficult to work out how well it went. You might have been happy with some answers and unsure about others, but until you ask for constructive feedback, you won’t know where you fell down.

To improve your interview technique, the best thing you can do is ask your interviewer what you can do in order to perform better next time. This way, you can gain impartial advice from someone who has likely only ever met you in an interview situation.

Accept criticism and move on

It’s hard to hear what you did wrong, especially when you thought you had done well, but when you do find out that your nervousness got in the way or your answers weren’t expansive enough, you have been given an opportunity. Before your next interview, prepare yourself a bit more, rehearse with friends or in front of a mirror and act on any other criticism you may have received.

If you do take criticism personally, just remember that next time you interview, you will be starting fresh. Rather than going over and over what went wrong last time, focus on what you have learned and will do right this time. Take the criticism and move on to the next interview.

Write a thank you email

If you want to stay on good terms with the company, then it is a good idea to write a thank you email. Whether the interview was a complete disaster or the best you’ve ever given, acknowledging that your interviewer sat and talked to you for half an hour is the polite thing to do.

Being gracious in your rejection is a good trait and may lead to a job offer in the future, especially if you had a great interview. You can use your email to thank your interviewer for the opportunity and request that they keep you informed of any future openings. You might even want to tell them what impressed you about the company and give them some constructive feedback to.

A thank you email is the job equivalent of gaining closure, but it doesn’t mean that the search is over. Once you have written it, think about what you have learned about the type of job you are applying for and then continue the search.

Continue searching for new roles

Not getting one job doesn’t mean that you are stuck, it just means that that one wasn’t for you. Give yourself time to think about what you want and then get back out there. You might realise that the type of job you applied for wasn’t quite right, or there might be another company where you might be a better fit.

Have another look at your CV, put in some practice on your interview technique and take everything you have learnt into the next interview room.

You can do it!

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