If you’ve ever sat at work and thought ‘gosh, I really dislike my job and I blame my birthday’ you might be kind of right!

Like many things in your life, your star sign might influence the way you perform at work and in some ways, could be an indicator for the kinds of jobs you should a) be looking out for and b) avoiding at all costs.

This article has been designed to tell you exactly what careers you would be good at based on your star sign, so why not take a look.

ARIES – 21st March-19th April

Aries are known to be natural born leaders so working for someone else might be problematic. However, as much as you are great at leading, your flaws lie within completing tasks which is why it’s a good idea to have a strong, dedicated team behind you.

Ideal Careers

Something outdoors such as a personal trainer, sports coach or athlete are all good options. Or perhaps a management role such as a CEO or director of a company. You’re really good at having the confidence to take charge of a situation because ultimately, you prefer to be in control.


TAURUS – 20th April-20th May

Taureans are very good at adapting to various roles which is why they make both a great leader and follower. But, where they really excel is within a team (although try not to let your stubborn side come through too much).

Ideal Careers

Taureans like to appreciate the beautiful things in life so a career in music or a creative job like flower arranging might be just the things. Other careers could include catering or interior design.


GEMINI – 21st May-20th June

Geminis like to work in a fast-paced environment where they are able to interact with others. They are good at moving quickly through tasks but this can lead to boredom if the tasks are not diverse enough.

Ideal Careers

Careers with different topics and varied days like teaching, communications and translating are great options. Geminis tend to do well in careers that are both social and verbal.


CANCER – 21st June-22nd July

Out of all the star signs, Cancers are the most traditional and can handle responsibility very well. Jobs that involve care and problem solving are where your strengths lie and you like to make a difference so you need a career where you feel motivated. As a water sign, a Cancer will feel right at home under the sea.

Ideal Careers

Since you like to help others, a career in social care, childcare or human resources might be good starting points. Healthcare is also a good route for a Cancer to go down so perhaps a career as a nutritionist or dietician are right up your street.


LEO – 23rd July-22nd August

Leos have a good nature but tend to dominate teammates. They like to be exposed but usually in a way that will inspire people and not always because they want to be the centre of attention all the time. Leos can even be high maintenance and often very demanding.

Ideal Careers

Leos like to feel important and since they are the most outgoing and confident of all the star signs, a career in acting or as a spokesperson might just be the careers for you.


VIRGO – 23rd August-22nd September

Virgos are very loyal and take direction very well. They are extremely compassionate and considerate of others. If you’re a Virgo, you can be quite self-critical as you are very much a perfectionist in everything you do.

Ideal Careers

Since Virgos have fantastic memories, a career where you have to deal with mass amounts is often a good place to start. You might make a great detective or an executive assistant where attention to detail is fundamental.


LIBRA – 23rd September-22nd October

Libras enjoy the quiet life and like to work in a calm and peaceful environment. Having a conflict with co-workers can be overbearing as Libras usually like to bring people together and set a good example to be a team player.

Ideal Careers

As you’re a people person, working with others is crucial. Customer service, hospitality or guidance counselling would be perfect areas to work in and put your strengths to good use.


SCORPIO – 23rd October-21st November

Scorpios love a challenge so a career where you can test your abilities is a great way for you to motivate your ambition. Scorpios like to do things their way and are mostly suited for careers where they can use their intelligence and insights accordingly.

Ideal Careers

Anything to do with medicine, research or private investigation would suit a Scorpio’s slightly introverted nature.


SAGITTARIUS – 22nd November-21st December

Sagittarius’ are the most versatile of all the star signs which means you are pretty much good at everything. You don’t mind working in a team but you’re not too keen on a restricted hierarchy. You’re very good at communicating effectively and can be quite adventurous.

Ideal Careers

Because of your love for travel, a job as an importer or interpreter are great choices. You could also put your communicative skills to good use as a teacher, tutor or leader of a team.


CAPRICORN – 22nd December-19th January

Capricorns can be serious and organised but that doesn’t necessarily make them boring. You are well aware of what you need to do to get to the top and you are rarely intimidated by anyone. Don’t let work take up too much of your time though, Capricorns need balance to avoid becoming workaholics.

Ideal Careers

Capricorns are good at working within a role where they can be precise and efficient so a job as a financial planner, accountant or cashier would be handy.


AQUARIUS – 20th January-18th February

Aquarians are good at balancing teamwork with working alone. You’re very social but not everyone will understand your methods quite like you. You have a tendency to want to be unique and stand out from the crowd but most importantly you genuinely care about others.

Ideal Careers

Your caring nature would make you the perfect social worker but equally you’d make a great graphic designer, of photographer.


PISCES – 19th February-20th March

Pisces like to express themselves creatively and are generally very flexible when it comes to work. They aren’t too concerned with proving their ability to others, rather they like are more focused on doing the best that they can.

Ideal Careers

Anything to do with the arts such as music and dance. Since you have a vivid imagination, you might want to try your hand at filmmaking.
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