Joining a start-up isn’t a short term decision. You’re committing to a team of individuals all working towards one goal: for this venture to prevail.

Understandably, these companies aren’t for everyone, but we’ve put together just some of the benefits you’ll find should you decide to take the chance. Start-ups can of course differ but there’s a common theme that can be found amongst them all, included here in this article.

Job Satisfaction

When the company has worked well on a project or they’ve achieved some wonderful results, employees can be proud to say they were a part of making it happen. To share in the growth of a successful company is an incredibly rewarding feeling and you don’t necessarily have to work in a well-established/global company to experience quality results.

Learning Opportunities

When hiring, business owners will likely be looking for those who have the relevant skills to give the business the leading edge it needs. This is great, but of course, money can be tight within start-ups, so you may find you’re tasked with jobs outside of your immediate role. This is a good chance to widen your knowledge and perhaps discover skills you didn’t realise you had.


Much like with the above, as part of a small team, your expertise are needed perhaps more than ever. This means you will be responsible for yourself in a way that doesn’t compare when in a large company. You might be the only voice in your department so as the core representative, you’re relied on to really know your stuff. Don’t be put off by this though, this is your time to shine.


You’ll find if you really fit the role, if not offered great perks, you will quite easily be able to negotiate them. One example is flexible working hours or even working from home. The company may not need you around all the time so they are usually happy to let go of the 9-5 constraints of a usual working day.


There’s a real buzz when working in a start-up because you’re in a smaller environment so relationships are usually quite close. Like with all companies, there will be days when motivation might not be so strong, but you will undoubtedly be susceptible to the contagious good vibes when everyone is feeling on top form.


Working in such an intimate environment means you all need to be a good mix and be able to get along as a tight knit team. Unlike in a larger company, you might work with other members of the team, and so when it comes to the recruitment process, the opinions and fit of other employees is valued more than ever. As well as being considered in the hiring process of new staff, your opinion will be crucial in most decisions that the company makes. This gives you the benefit of knowing you can speak openly and freely and your opinions count for something amongst your colleagues. 

A Chance to Learn

When working in a start-up you may have the benefit of working closely with the company founders. Working with these innovators will be both inspiring and motivating. Entrepreneurs are known for their savvy, alternative approach to creating solutions for problems and you can learn directly from their knowledge and experience of the industry. Working with them you might find yourself meeting new challenges and having their fresh perspective of work rub off on you.

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