Serial entrepreneur Matt Tomkin and Thornton & Lowe recently confirmed their partnership by announcing the launch of their new multi- service digital agency, Tao Digital Marketing. The agency will provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid marketing (PPC), social media campaigns and marketing automation. Its launch comes a result of a long- term working partnership between the Bolton pair.

Explaining the vision and strategy behind Tao Digital Marketing, co-founder Matt Tomkin said: ‘First and foremost we are looking to serve the SME community; helping them to better utilise the endless possibilities of the digital landscape. When we set out, we wanted to create an agency that not only helped established online companies grow, but also assist those who are very much in their infancy and are not sure where to start with online marketing in order to allow them to prosper and succeed.’

Although the agency is only just starting out, the pair have already begun work with a number of both local and national companies, providing a consultative approach to marketing online as well as specific services to help these businesses grow.

Co-founder Dave Thornton who already runs successful bid writing company Thornton and Lowe explains, ‘We want to equip businesses with the cutting edge digital services and products that they need to fuel their growth from the bottom up. Lead generation, SEO and social media; these are all areas that must be at the forefront of any forward-thinking business. The message we really want to push now, is that modern business is about the marriage of a brand with the optimisation of a digital presence.’

In the long term, Tomkin and Thornton, who were both born and grew up in Bolton, are keen to address the skills gap in the town and surrounding area and look at what can be done to preserve and nurture local talent to prevent it from moving out of the region.

Matt Tomkin said ‘I have lived in Bolton all my life and I am really proud of my home town and the talent and potential that it houses. Having worked in the sector for a number of years and with the launch of Tao Digital Marketing, I want to use this knowledge, my experience and my current position to work alongside local organisations; the council, universities, schools and colleges to promote Bolton’s digital future and work together with these influential bodies to really help put us on the map.’

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