Downtown in Business has been nominated for an award at the forthcoming English SME Business Awards, hosted in Birmingham later this month.

Alongside four other companies, Downtown is a finalist in the ‘Unique Business’ category.

Chief Executive Frank McKenna said: ‘We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for such a prestigious award. One of our objectives this year was to raise our profile across the UK. The establishment of our brand in Birmingham has helped with this, alongside our decision to take an office in London.

‘Downtown has been making a difference since 2003. The reach of the organisation has been predominantly focussed on the North of England up until recently. Now we have an ambition to become a business voice for the regions across the country.

‘Despite devolution deals for some cities, it remains the case that government is lobbied more by, and often makes decisions for, London-based businesses. However, as great an economic driver as our capital can be, it is clear that not all decisions that suit London’s business community will suit companies in the rest of the UK.

‘I think that our ability to create a narrative for regional business; our distinct communications offer; and our eclectic events programme are factors in us being recognised as ‘unique.’

McKenna confirmed that other Downtown locations will be launched later this year, with plans for Downtown Glasgow at an advanced stage.

During the past two years, Downtown in Business has been named as Liverpool’s best business networking club, by the FSB; and won the ‘Finest in Business’ accolade from business publication Corporate Vision. In May, Frank McKenna was named as the chief executive of the month (UK).

The English SME Business Awards take place on Tuesday 20th June.

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