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Welcome to Huddled News


Since 2014, we’ve established an extensive team of talented digital developers and editors to create a unique kind of business hub that focuses on regional news and events in the North West. 

Working with so many committed and passionate organisations such as Downtown in Business and The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is at the heart of everything we do, and we are delighted to connect with so many wonderful contributors from various sectors on a daily basis. 

As a regional news hub, we encourage companies to come forward and share their news with us. Whether your stories are about charity events, start-ups or local business news, we are thrilled to support a diverse range of Northern businesses.

We have always been proud of our unique approach, only focusing on stories that are going to have a positive impact on our online readers. Along with distribution, we offer promo videos and PR packages that are designed to help boost your brand’s online presence.


For more information about submitting stories on Huddled News, click here or contact Suzanne at suzanne.goddard@huddled.co.uk for general enquiries.

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