About huddled

Welcome to huddled

As a regional news hub, huddled features stories and promotes events happening around the North West.

From colleague or client appointments to charity events, we distribute a wide range of local news to connect you with businesses and events in the North West, specifically in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

How can huddled help you?

  • We will share your content on our website and social media profiles.
  • Your story will be seen by our extensive network of online readers and newsletter subscribers.
  • We will promote North West events on our homepage to increase awareness and attract online readers.
  • By sending in an article you could be named our Contributor of the Week and receive an exclusive feature on our homepage.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and get all the latest news direct to your inbox.


We also do videos

At huddled we are proud of our unique video interviews that we shoot in-house. These are great for promoting your brand whilst sharing your business insight. Videos make ideal content to share across our social media channels as well as yours.

Our fantastic team will guide you through the interview process in advance to make sure you are fully prepared on the day. All you need to do is look at the set questions we provide and plan what you want to say.


Click here to see the videos we have done so far.


For more information about publishing stories on huddled, click here or contact Suzanne at suzanne.goddard@huddled.co.uk for general enquiries.

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