Due to the high level of interest we have received lately, we are now introducing three options for submitting stories onto huddled:

Option 1
£12 pay as you go

Option 2
£36 for 5 press releases (£24 saving) 

Option 3
£225 for 36 press releases (£207 saving) 

All subscription fees include VAT

Before you submit your story, please comply to the following guidelines

  • Huddled is not permitted to post press releases that are solely created for advertisement purposes. Ideally, the post should have a clear news angle.
  • The optimal word count for press releases should be between 350-500 words including quotes. Posts that are less than 350 will not be published.
  • All press releases must include one link back to the company in question.
  • All press releases must contain an image. Any press release that does not contain an image will not be published.
  • Please ensure all images are no less than 900 pixels in width and preferably landscape. Larger images are suffice but pictures that are less than 200KB will not be accepted.


Please note: the majority of press releases on huddled are written by outside parties. If you have any issues with content that isn’t created by huddled, we advise you to contact the original source.

If your press release passes our screening process, we will upload it within 1-3 working daysHowever, if the press release is about an upcoming event, or it needs publishing on a certain date, contact the team at huddled to let them know. 


If you wish to submit an article, please click here 

For all enquiries, contact Suzanne at or

Alternatively you can call us on 0844 848 7000


Failure to comply to these guidelines may result in your press release not being published but you may still be charged.

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