Date: June 22

Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm


David Goodhart debates his new book “The Road to Somewhere.”

David Goodhart has written one of the most widely read political commentaries of recent times. It analyses popular politics and the new divisions which have shaped Brexit and has a lot to say about the economy and education.

The book has been widely debated, from Newsnight to the New Statesman. The Guardian found it so interesting that they reviewed it twice! We are, therefore, extremely pleased that, in visiting Greater Manchester to discuss his ideas, David Goodhart has agreed to come to Oldham to join a debate.

Our event is designed to interest a wide audience. David will be presenting the key ideas in “The Road to Somewhere”. He will then debate the issue with a panel of experts chaired by Stephen Chalcraft , Partner Shakespeare Martineau, sponsor of the “Re-energised Leadership” programme, which has supported David Goodhart’s visit to Greater Manchester. The panel are:

  • Andy Westwood, Associate Vice President of Public Affairs, University of Manchester
  • Ruth Lupton, Professor of Education, University of Manchester
  • Carolyn Wilkins OBE, Chief Executive, Oldham Council
  • Jean-Noel Ezingeard, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Kevin Orr, Professor of Work and Learning, University of Huddersfield

They will debate the big issues which come out of “The Road to Somewhere, with a specific focus on towns like Oldham and the role of the education system.

We are keen to open this event to a wide audience of Greater Manchester and Oldham stakeholders, from education and training, business, policy makers and decision makers, the wider community and, of course, our young people.

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Contacts: graham.kennedy@oldham.ac.uk

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