Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 16.30.15Are you following us on Twitter? If yes, then you are very likely to have seen our #huddledpraise hashtag being used by many businesses.

The idea is simple. We ask one business to recommend us three north west businesses on Twitter who they think deserve praise. We then tweet them that they’ve received #huddledpraise and ask them to pass it on.

It has been very pleasant to see that so many businesses have got involved and passed on their praise to others. huddled wants to bring a sense of community back to the north west businesses via Twitter and this is one of many ideas we have to get more involved.

We really are a friendly bunch. We don’t mind who gets #huddledpraise and we don’t mind what reason you put someone forward for #huddledpraise.

Just feel free to use the hashtag and we’ll pass it on for you.

Our Twitter link is here, pass it on.