photo (6)Last Friday Matt and I set off on a short journey to the Melbourne Hosting offices to have a tour of the office and a general chit chat. As soon as we arrived the mood was confident, welcoming and incredibly friendly. Gabby greeted us at the door with a huge smile on her face. They even had a magnetic board complete with alphabet magnets spelling out “Welcome to Melbourne Matt + Adam from huddled x”, shown below.

We were then invited to take a seat and wait for Chris in what they liked to call the living room. The furniture and decor was amazing and made the short wait somewhat enjoyable. Chris then arrived and informed us of how the office was designed by the staff with a house theme. A really quirky way to involve everyone in the redecorating process.

After introductions and small talk we progressed into the break room. At Melbourne they teach their employees to take regular breaks and to stay hydrated, with a 3D TV, an xbox, a scalextric set and free fruit water who could say no?!

Next came the main office area of Melbourne Hosting and the biggest spectacle of yet, a chandelier. Yes an actual chandelier in the middle of the office, classy. Around the chandelier was a small social space complete with leather chairs, bookcases and a fireplace.

Chris then lead us round to the NASA style mission control where employees watched the screens on the wall with such things as statistics and even the CCTV footage. This is where we got the impression and confirmation from Chris that Melbourne is a very social, relaxed and unique working environment as out of the blue a rubber fruit was thrown across the room at another employee in jest.

Melbourne Hosting have a lot of group work activities such as going to the Manchester basketball game or simply going to a local pub, club or bar together. We were then lead to the back of the room to which we thought were two offices but, to our surprise, it was actually three with the wardrobe doors leading to another smaller office decorated to look like the fictional country of Narnia.

We then sat down with Chris and Josh, they explained how Melbourne employees always have a smile on their face, treat the office like a home whilst also providing reliable, fast tech support behind quality servers. Unfortunately we did not get to see the actual servers but it was good knowing that this quirky office held a slice of the Internet in Manchester.

Chris and Josh told us how when meeting a client in the past they have had the whole office stand at the window and wave to them as they leave the building. They also like to go to award ceremonies to socialise and sort of thank the clients, not to talk business. They said that they will stop people when they start to chat too much about work as they want to talk about football and have a good time.

Melbourne Hosting believe in helping the local community as much as possible evident as they use local suppliers for all their water, coffee and even their Christmas tree! As well as this they are closely involved with the charity Forever Manchester going to many meetings, giving money and generally helping out as much as possible where they can. For more information about how Melbourne Hosting help the local community and environment they have a full page about it here.

All in all Melbourne Hosting have an amazing office, inspiring many other companies, have good ethical values and some amazing staff. The only bad thing about the trip in my opinion was the lack of pool. They definitely are a great company and a great bunch of people. Here at huddled we would love to see Melbourne Hosting again in the near future and their office!