Cheshire based businessman Neil Ouzman is launching Zumu UK following the brand's success in the USCheshire entrepreneur Neil Ouzman has announced plans to launch his highly successful business Zumu in the UK.

Zumu is currently available for the US market and is a media recycling platform, through which users can sell used CDs, DVDs and games.

Ouzman, who originates from Cheshire in the UK, has decided to launch a UK version of the site now that the US version has grown sufficiently.

The US arm of Zumu was launched in July 2012 and Ouzman is confident that its British sister will perform just as well.

The new head office of Zumu will be based in Congleton, Cheshire, and will open up 30 new jobs, while the processing plant for the website will be located in Leyland, Lancashire, and will take up a 55,000 sq ft facility.

The launch will coincide with a TV ad campaign across the UK and the British version of Zumu will follow the exact same design as the US one.

Customers can scan the barcodes on their media to find out how much they’re worth, and then simply need to package them and send them off to the Zumu handling centre in order to receive their payment. Customers can even choose to donate the value of their sales to charity.

Neil Ouzman said: “Based on our experience in the States, the UK site is expected to gain momentum very quickly following its launch this month.  

“We all love music and films, but as the importance of digital media increases and as our tastes change, consumers just don’t need their old discs anymore.

“If you’ve already moved onto something new after your last Adele CD, or wish to clear the loft of the Madonna and ABBA CDs of yesteryear, you can sell them easily for cash on This benefits not only your pocket (or that of a charity), but you are also doing your bit from an environmental perspective, particularly in view of the enormous landfill pressures that we have here in the UK.”