EdgehillunifastrackEdge Hill University is to roll out a Fastrack course that will help student get back up to speed before entering into degree courses.

The course is set to begin on 10th June 2013 and will last for seven weeks, teaching students all they need to get back on track. Students will be able to increase their skills and knowledge to university level, so they will be on par with their classmates.

Edge Hill University has taught the Fastrack programme many times before, and it has aided countless students in the past. David Hollingsworth is just one example – he is currently enrolled in the first year of a teaching course in Secondary Maths.

David has actively encouraged students wishing to enter into a university degree to enroll on the Fastrack course beforehand. He said: “It’s an excellent programme that serves a wonderful purpose.

“As a student who completed the Fastrack programme in 2011/12 as a way into university I can honestly say that not only was it a great path through to higher education for me, but it was also excellent preparation. I am a mature student who decided to take a career change and move into teaching and without the Fastrack I don’t know how I would have got a place at Edge Hill.”

Janet Fairclough, the Access Programmes Manager at Edge Hill University, said: “It’s fantastic to see that many students who we have helped over the years have gone on to complete their degrees and have enjoyed personal achievement and success.

“A lot of the people we have on the programme are mature students, who have not been in education for a while and are nervous about re-entering it again, or who lack confidence, sometimes Fastrack can be a route into a new career. The programme is a great way back into education and allows students to reach their full potential.”

Those that successfully pass the Fastrack course are automatically guaranteed a place at the University for degree-level study.

Students interested in the Fastrack course can find out more about it by attending the University’s drop-in session on 23rd May 2013. There will also be information about University funding, student accommodation and student support services at the session.

The drop-in session will be held from 4pm-8pm at the Business and Law Building, Ormskirk Campus.

People can also apply for the course directly by downloading an application for from the official site, contacting the Access Programmes Team on 01695 657148 or emailing accessprogrammes@edgehill.ac.uk to find out more.