sabineWe invited Sabine Douglas from Apadmi into the Huddeld Media recording studio the other week, and she was happy to discuss her favourite aspects of the Manchester digital scene.

Apadmi is a cross-platform mobile app development company in Manchester, employing 55 people in total. The firm’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry is what makes it better than its competitors.

Sabine likes to take her green tea in a pink, sparkly and/or flowery mug, and she’s had quite a few favourite moments while working at Apadmi. For 2013, her best has to be her experience at the Northern Tech Awards, where the business won three awards. However, she also loves every mini-win at Apadmi.

She would recommend theEword, Reading Room and anyone in the Manchester digital scene. Sabine says the most influential people in Manchester include the guys at Manchester Digital, Michael Di Paola at Studio North, Jeff Coghlan at Matmi.

When it comes to the nicest people in the city, Sabine gave the awards to Lucie and Chris at BBC Sports, as well as Michael Dandy at Creative Cow. She says the essential qualities for being successful in business include a passion for the industry, being able to treat people how you’d like to be treated and having a hard-working attitude.

Although Sabine likes everywhere in Manchester, if pressed, she would choose Neighbourhood as her favourite bar and restaurant, and she loves the business networks Mobile Monday Manchester, Wired City Reconnected and Manchester Digital.

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