BurgerTimeOnline Venutres Group has continued to display its talents in creating amazing data visualisations with its latest feat – BurgerTime.

Created in honour of the Manchester Digital BBQ being held at the Atlas Bar and sponsored by Orchard tonight, Online Ventures Group collected data about the services offered by over 300 companies. The result is a quirky visual representation of what these companies have to offer – in the form of a burger.

There are burgers of all shapes and sizes in the list, from those that equate to Double Whoppers, to simple yet effective cheeseburgers.

The various ingredients included in the burgers represent different offerings – cheese is online marketing, lettuce is social media, tomatoes are web/mobile development, eggs are design, bacon is audio/visual, mushrooms are recruitment, onion is communications and tomato is other services.

BurgerTime companies

The data was compiled using information available on each company’s homepage and every single company included on the list gets a link back to their official website.

Online Ventures created the data set in order to have a bit of fun, and so urges companies to remember that some services may have been missed out in the rush to get all of the data ready in time.

However, if you’d like your burger to be taken back to the kitchen and remade, you can get in touch with OVG.

If you have any other questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the team on hello@onlineventuresgroup.co.uk or 0844 871 7291.