MancorialistOnline Ventures Group is dedicated to data and has taken its latest publications one step further with The Maporialist, a report that pays homage to fashion and style website The Mancorialist.

The Mancorialist is Manchester’s version of ‘The Satorialist‘, with the owners snapping photos of Manchester’s best dressed and posting them up online for all the world to see.

The report compiles all of the data from the website The Mancorialist and displays it in an attractive map, showing users where photos have been taken in and around the city.

The results are filtered by gender, so you can find images of men and women in Manchester, as well as group shots including both men and women.

The data has shown that there are some very popular spots for photography in the city, with the top five including:

  • Tib Street, Manchester
  • Henry Street, Manchester
  • Barton Square, Manchester
  • Hilton street, Manchester
  • Barlow Moor Road, Manchester

The Maporialist follows in the same vein as Online Ventures Group’s GordoMaps feature, and can be used in conjunction with the website to broaden its offering.

You can see The Maporialist here, and to get in touch with Online Ventures Group call 0844 871 7291 or email