gordomapsOnline Ventures Group has doffed its cap in Manchester Confidential’s direction with the creation of a brand new map app, which sees Gordo’s restaurant reviews plotted onto a comprehensive map of the city centre.

Manchester Confidential is famous for its excellent restaurant reviews, and now users can see exactly where the best restaurants are in Manchester by using Online Ventures Group’s GordoMaps feature.

The map plots over 100 Manchester restaurants, showing them as circles of various sizes and colours.

A traffic light system has been used, with large green circles showcasing the best restaurants in the city. On the other hand, if a restaurant is plotted as a small red circle, it means it’s received a negative review.

When users click on a circle, a pop-up appears with the restaurant’s Manchester Confidential ratings and a link to the full review. The restaurants are graded on food, service and ambience, and they’re also given an overall score.

According to the reviews, the top five restaurants in Manchester are Simon Rogan at The FrenchBells of PeoverAustralasia, Slice and North Tea Power.

Check out GordoMaps over on the official Online Ventures Group site now and feel free to let us know what you think!

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