datamanchesterOnline Ventures Group is continuing its work with data by releasing two new Data::Manchester reports for the accountancy sector.

The reports, which focus on content and Twitter-use, include detailed overviews of how these two aspects effect accountancy companies and firms in the Manchester area.

For each report, the top 25 companies have been selected to display exactly how well-written content and Twitter interaction aids these businesses.

The content Data::Manchester report for the accountancy sector studies words per page, readability, keyword reach and the number of pages indexed by Google. Online Ventures Group chose to use the Gunning-Fog Index in order to assess readability, and random pages from the site were selected to analyse the average words per page.

The results show that less than 9 per cent of accountancy sites in Manchester can be understood by their audiences, and sites with more content see greater success when it comes to being found for keywords.

The full report can be read here.

The Twitter-use Data::Manchester report from Online Ventures takes details directly from the Twitter API, with the most followed accountancy accounts, most prolific tweeters, hashtag usage, retweet counts, ‘favourited’ tweets and average quality of tweets all taken into account. Online Ventures also looked to determine whether the quality of a post really does affect its success, finding that there is definitely a correlation between these points.

Read the full Twitter report here.

To find out more about the reports or to contact Online Ventures Group about them, email or call 0844 871 7291.