twitterrestaurantsOnline Ventures Group has released its latest Data::Manchester report – an analysis of the best Manchester restaurants based on their Twitter activity.

The data, which has been produced by OVG’s Insights team and collected via search engine algorithms, the Twitter API and other data mining techniques, analyses numerous factors. These include followers, numbers of tweets, mentions, retweet rates, favourites, hashtag uses and reply rates of some of the biggest and best restaurant Twitter accounts in Manchester.

This latest report builds on OVG’s Data::Manchester overview and GordoMaps, and the company has used its own calculations by cross-referencing metrics and stored attributes to bring the public the Twitter: Restaurants report.

Some of the results include the top followed Twitter accounts, the most prolific tweeters, the top accounts by hashtag usage and URL usage, the most mentioned accounts, the top accounts by retweet and favourited tweets, and the top twitter accounts by average quality of tweets.

This last analysis is possibly the most important, as OVG has found that tweets are more likely to be retweeted or favourited when of a higher quality.

Olivia Davies, Data Analyst at Online Ventures Group, said: “I’m really proud of the work we’ve done with Data::Manchester and I hope people find it useful.”

To view the full report, visit now and, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Online Ventures on 0844 871 7291 or