GN WebsiteNorth West branding and digital agency Ahoy has devised, managed and produced a bold brand identity for GoNutrition, an innovative new sports nutrition product.

Ahoy carried out branding, packaging, website design and print services for the brand, which encompasses a range of sports nutrition products and was founded by entrepreneur Oliver Cookson who previously launched and sold sports nutrition brand Myprotein.

The pioneering product was developed to shake up the sports nutrition sector. Traditionally, this sector focuses on the stereotypical bodybuilder image. However in reality, many sportspeople use these nutrition products – from track and field athletes to Rugby League, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxers.

By creating a vibrant, polished image, Ahoy developed a brand that conveys the product tagline ‘Go Further’ as well as appealing to a broad range of sports users and athletes.

“GoNutrition is a great concept that partners individuals with the best nutrition, based on their training objectives,” commented Mark Stringer, MD at Ahoy. “With Oliver we have been lucky enough to work with an entrepreneur that has given the design team a lot of creative freedom. As a result the team have delivered with an identity that enables GoNutrition to confidently launch a brand it can be proud of.”

The team created a bold three-block logo in blood orange that is both dynamic and energetic. One of the key elements implemented across the branding was the use of a ‘carbon fibre’ effect – a strong yet light material that epitomises the persona of the brand.

“Ahoy has delivered consistently high quality work spanning right across branding, advertising and the web,” said Oliver Cookson, founder and CEO of GoNutrition. “Throughout the project Ahoy constantly approached me with innovative ideas beyond the brief and I look forward to collaborating with them on future projects.”

In addition to brand identity, Ahoy was also responsible for designing the packaging and managing the concept, strategy and print requirements for an advertising campaign prior to launch.

The stand-out square packaging sits flat in cupboards and on shelves, incorporating a sealable zip to ensure freshness. Users can scan a QR code on the side of the packaging when nearing the bottom of the bag which will direct them back to the same category on the website.

Ahoy also designed GoNutrition’s website, creating both desktop and mobile versions. The team developed interactive wireframes, creating a better understanding of the customer journey and usability. will act as the umbrella brand for six sub-brand products including GoWellness and GoStrength, each of which are targeted towards specific fitness goals including weight management, muscle definition and recovery. Ahoy allocated a specific colour scheme to each sub-brand depending on its function. This was mirrored on the website which is colour-coded based on the area of products being browsed through.