EdgeHillUniversityA Euro-realist will argue that the European Union’s existence is crucial to the economic and political prosperity of its members at an Edge Hill University event.

Franco Rizzuto, Professor in European Law and Head of the Department of Law and Criminology, will share his research on the subject during an inaugural lecture on 7th November to mark his new professorial appointment.

In his provocative talk, Professor Rizzuto will consider how Europe would be organised without the EU and what it would be like if there was a radically different EU in place.

“I’m asking people to imagine what life would be like without the EU,” he explained. “What would it be like if we couldn’t travel as freely as we are able today? We couldn’t use our credit cards abroad? Would we still be able to import and export as easily as we are able to do today? It’s these details that we take for granted. I want to go back to basics, look at what it was like before we had the EU and see the advantages it has brought with it in terms of rules, regulations and protection. I agree that the EU has its many flaws but I would argue that the world would be a less attractive place without it. I believe that the EU is essentially a force of good and helps us to manage our relationships with other countries. It’s easy for politicians to kick down the EU. But rather than have it abolished as a lot of Euro-sceptics would argue, I believe we should work with the system we have and look for ways to improve it further.”

Listen to an interview with Professor Rizzuto as he paints a picture of what life would be like without the EU.

Educated in the universities of Hull and Manchester, Professor Rizzuto has completed courses on European Administrative Law at the Academy of European Law at the European University Institute in Florence and European Banking and Financial Law at the International University Institute, Luxembourg. He has taught at a number of universities including Ulster, Hull, Cardiff, Oxford Brookes and Lancaster.

Professor Rizzuto’s research interests include European constitutional law, competition law and the enforcement of multi-level regulatory frameworks, publishing widely in these areas. He has been involved in a number of European Commission-supported projects, such as training judges in Community Law.

Europe without the European Union public lecture is free to attend but spaces are limited. To book your place, email corporateevents@edgehill.ac.uk. Arrival is from 5pm with refreshments, ready for a 6pm start and refreshments and networking afterwards.

The event is the latest in the University’s 2013 inaugural lecture series, which celebrates its academic talent with a series of thought-provoking public events to mark the appointment of its new professors. For more information on these upcoming events, visit the website www.edgehill.ac.uk/events.