ThePowerofthePAThe Mancunian charity that’s famous for raising funds for the local community has shined a light on the importance of PAs with its new report.

Titled ‘The Power of the PA’, the report looks into the influence of PAs within the Manchester business community and analyses the impact they have on how businesses are run.

Forever Manchester is a Community Foundation for Greater Manchester that raises money for numerous projects that would otherwise never get off the ground without their help. They constantly funnel money back into the local community through their work.

Their latest report gives back to the people in businesses that often work behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

The data for the report was provided by digital marketing company Online Ventures Group, and it reveals some surprising statistics concerning how PAs are really viewed.

Many Manchester-based business professionals took part in the survey, which looked to answer two key questions:

  • How useful are business PAs?
  • How influential are business PAs?

These questions are thoroughly analysed in the report, which you can read here.

The report is broken down into a number of sections, with every aspect of the answers given analysed to provide the best possible picture of a PA’s position within businesses throughout the city. The results of the survey were astonishingly positive, with 81% of people stating that PAs are worth their weight in gold.

To find out what business owners and professionals really think of their PAs, take a look at the report today.

For more information on Forever Manchester and its current projects, visit the charity’s official site now.