harvestThe Manchester-based digital marketing company Online Ventures Group recently organised a new take on the Harvest Day, which many people will remember from school.

In the spirit of go-giving, the data-driven marketing company rallied the troops in order to pool its and many other business’ resources so as to amass a collection of food that can be gifted to food banks around the city.

The Harvest Day is a regular occurrence in many schools’ calendars, with children learning about generosity and charity through the events. OVG’s Harvest Day took place on Friday 27th September, when key members of the agency took empty boxes to a number of companies throughout Manchester and left them in their hands. On Monday 30th September, the boxes were collected and OVG was amazed at how packed with all kinds of food they were.

Paul Yates, CEO of Online Ventures said: “Our Harvest Day was a way for us and the rest of the business community to give back to the city, by providing those that are most vulnerable with the resources they need. It was a fantastic way for everyone to come together and show their commitment to our city.”

The companies that chose to take part in OVG’s Harvest Day included The Juice Academy, Journey9, Robert Meaton and Co.Savills and Manchester Confidential. The boxes were filled with various foods, including tinned meals, biscuits and other long-life products that can be stored or kept without the need of a fridge or freezer.

OVG will now send the boxes of food to the Salford Central Food Bank, where it will be put to great use by feeding families that need assistance. Online Ventures would like to thank the many companies that took part for their incredibly generosity and willingness to get involved in the charitable effort.

To find out more about OVG, visit onlineventuresgroup.co.uk now.