harvestfestivalIn the spirit of go-giving, Online Ventures Group has recently been in the midst of its first ever Harvest Festival, which many people may remember from their days at school.

The Harvest Festival is designed to give people a chance to pool their resources to donate items to those that are less fortunate, so they can give food, items of clothing and other necessities to food banks and shelters around the city to do their bit to give back. OVG is all about being kind, and so the data-driven digital marketing company recently sent out a number of boxes to Manchester companies in order to collect resources.

The companies included in the Harvest Festival drive included Robert Meaton and Co., Manchester Confidential, Dawn Holmes from Insight Magicians and many others. OVG then went around to these companies to pick up the boxes and were very pleased to see how generous each and every company had been.

The boxes were full to the brim with packet meals, tins of food and jars that will last for a good long while, so they can be safely distributed by OVG’s chosen food bank – the Salford Central Food Bank.

Scott, a volunteer at the Salford Central Food Bank, said: “We’re very thankful to OVG and the companies that took part in the Harvest Festival, as it’s helped to provide us with a great amount of food that we can now distribute to the many families in Manchester that need assistance.”

To find out more about OVG, visit onlineventuresgroup.co.uk now, or call ​0844 871 7291.