OVGCaketober is a great celebration where companies come together and sell cakes in aid of local charity, Forever Manchester. Online Ventures are taking part in this event and are hosting their very own Caketober day on Friday 11th October.

Caketober is a month long celebration bringing companies, organisations and groups of friends together to raise money for a brilliant charity. All you need to do is bake cakes at home, bring them into work and sell them to local people and businesses. You’re also encouraged to dress up and really make a day out of it!

Online Ventures are always keen to take part in these events, especially when it involves dressing up and eating cakes all day whilst making money for charity! They’re offering a range of beautifully decorated cakes, (well, we hope so) and a day of fun, so why not pop down to their office?

A spokesperson from Online Ventures said: “We’re always happy to take part in charity events, and we love that it’s bringing everyone together within and around the city. As well as being doughnut enthusiasts, we also love cakes so you can guess how happy we are about this celebration to raise money for Forever Manchester.”

If you’re a cake lover, Online Ventures are happy to welcome you into their office and sell you delicious treats to raise money for charity.

Tweet OV_Group and let them know if you’re going to be stopping by or you can just pop in, we’re sure there will be plenty of cakes available! Online Ventures are based at 86 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Caketober event, visit the website now and sign up.