DataManIconOnline Ventures Group, the digital marketing company that’s known for its data reports, has released a follow-on report on law firms in Manchester, after it’s very successful first report into the sector.

This report, like the first, analyses the Twitter accounts of numerous law firms residing in the city, so that they can be ranked based on their use of the social media site. This shows precisely how social media-savvy they are, which can say a lot in today’s world.

Sites like Twitter are ideal for law firms, as they allow solicitors to reach out to their clients, as well as the general public, to show their kindness, likeability and down-to-earth aspects. This can help law firms to be seen as more approachable and friendly, which can aid them in encouraging clients to seek help and advice from them.

Not only that, but social media is also an excellent marketing tool and can be the perfect way for law firms to get their name out there. If you want to be seen amidst your competition, utilising a tool such as this is highly advisable.

OVG’s report has been released around four months on from its original one, and shows how things have changed over time. It has sections for the following:

  • Top followed accounts
  • Most prolific tweeters
  • Top accounts by hashtag usage
  • Top accounts by URL usage
  • Most mentioned Twitter accounts
  • Top accounts by retweets
  • Top accounts by favourited tweets
  • Top accounts by average quality of tweets
  • Top Twitter accounts by overall score

Not only that, but OVG has looked into whether the quality of a post really doest affect the retweet and favourite rate of said post – check the report to find out what the answer is!

If you’d like to find out who’s in the report and which law firms are best of social media, download the report now at