Barney&Taylor_Photography_AhoyNorth West branding and digital agency AHOY has developed a new identity for Barney & Taylor, one of the UK’s oldest family-owned leather jacket brands, in anticipation of the launch of its 2014 collection.

The brief was to redefine the brand for the 21st century market. AHOY developed a revised identity with a new logo and website, while preserving the sense of tradition and heritage which defines the brand.

The new logo depicts an ampersand encompassing a bee and scissors, key elements of the brand’s identity. The scissors underscore the bespoke tailoring still used by the designers, whilst the bee signifies the worker bee, a long-standing motif for Manchester since the Industrial Revolution. The identity which will be used on all Barney & Taylor jackets has been replicated on the website and beyond. The honeycomb element of the ampersand, will be carried through into the stitching of the garments themselves.

The fully responsive website also encompasses principles of luxury and detail. Features include full screen imagery with high resolution photography and subtle parallax. The user experience has been designed to reflect the customer journey, guiding the user through sections that explain the history, craft and brand that is Barney & Taylor.

The business cards reflect the luxurious nature of the brand. 540gsm ebony black colourplan was used with text and logos embossed with yellow gloss foil. Specially designed packaging and garment tags are soon to follow.

Mark Stringer MD at AHOY, added: “This has been a complete overhaul for the Barney & Taylor brand and a fantastic project for us to work on. It is an exciting time for AHOY and the more we help Manchester SME’s grow and succeed so does our reputation. Barney & Taylor hopes to become a market leader in luxury leather, and I feel proud that AHOY has been able to play a huge first step in helping the company to realise that ambition.”

“The team at AHOY have delivered an exceptional service, truly getting under the skin of our business and understanding our need to evolve and grow. We look forward to working with them on further projects in the future including Point of Sale and ecommerce design”, said Richard Arron, MD at Barney & Taylor.