Imran and Ghazia Rahman, co-founders (1)Didsbury couple, Imran Rahman and Ghazia Saleemi invest in launching a brand new online network for parents struggling with the school run., which is launching this week (Monday 13 January) offers a revolutionary solution to the stressful school run. The new network is being rolled across Manchester, Blackpool and Birmingham, with further regions to be added throughout the year.

The founders have heavily invested in the parent network enlisting the support of a number of specialist businesses to provide a strong footing for the launch. Including a design consultancy, an SEO consultant and a PR and Social Media agency who will work together in unison to ensure has a national presence.

In addition, is set to be heavily involved in Transport for Greater Manchester’s school travel plan.

The website has been professionally developed to create an introductory service which matches registered parents from the same area who are looking to share the school drop off and pick up, helping ease the school run for them and their child whilst also decreasing congestion and improving road safety around schools.

Imran (40) an eye surgeon and his wife Ghazia (37) an Obstetrician, have two young children and like many families were struggling with the day-to-day school run.

Discussing this common family problem socially, Imran and Ghazia saw an opportunity to help busy parents up and down the UK. Teaming up with good friends Drew and Louise from Lytham St Annes, they created

Imran comments: “After the birth of our second child, our first born was just starting school. Juggling a newborn with the school run and our busy careers, we were really struggling getting to both school and work on time.

“Following lots of research and planning, we came up with and are now very excited to see the service take off and really help parents and children around the country.”

Ghazia adds: “Every parent knows how stressful the school run can be so developing a service such as this enables children to focus at school and parents to concentrate on their jobs.

“Taking the hassle out of the school drop off and pick up, will also help for a better home life in the evenings and allow for a better bonding time with our little ones.

“We hope that others really see the benefits of using and that it helps all areas of life.”

Whether you have space in your car for two extra little ones or have to make an early morning meeting and can’t drop your child off at school that morning, will help meet the needs of parents across the country.

Imran says: “The great thing about is that it isn’t just for parents who can’t always take their little ones to school, it can also be used by parents who have space in their car and travel to the same school or pass it on the way, so is not limited to just parents of the same school.

“In addition, if more parents from the same area start using the it will help the environment by reducing congestion and carbon emissions.”

Registration for is FREE, with three further upgrade packages available which each have various levels of background checks for parents. Options such as Enhanced DBS Checks, Adverse Media Checks and even GPS trackers are available for added peace of mind.

When parents search for other mums and dads in the area, each profile displays their level of security and background checks and are available to make contact with via the messaging system. will inevitably help save time for busy parents, money, traffic congestion and the environment, whist also improving road safety around schools