ovgWell-known Manchester digital marketing company Online Ventures Group will be cheering the city up with some unique Happiness Week-themed offerings in the coming days.

In order to combat the depressing atmosphere of ‘Blue Monday’ (20/01/2014), which is commonly thought of as the worst day in January, the company will be heading to businesses around the city throughout the week to hand out goodie bags full of interesting items.

Packed with childhood throwbacks such as sweeties, novelty items and silly things, the bags are sure to cheer up even the glummest of people this January.

Not only this, but OVG will also be welcoming companies to take part in its caption competition, which will involve those that have been gifted the bags taking to Twitter to participate.

The rules are as follows:

Step 1 – Nominate a member of staff to put on the moustache included in the goodie bag

Step 2 – Fill in the card enclosed in the bag to tell OVG about your happiest time at your company

Step 3 – Take a picture of the nominated moustache-wearer holding the competed card and tweet it to @OV_Group using the hashtag #happyhunters

Entries must be tweeted to OVG before 12pm on Friday, after which Online Venutres will announce the winner in the afternoon. The secret prize will then be delivered to the winner’s company address shortly after.

OVG is famous throughout Greater Manchester for celebrating the weird and wonderful, and so all kinds of strange photo poses will be welcomed with open arms.