EdgeHillUniversityEntrepreneurs at Edge Hill University have created ‘Nutri-Juice’ for students to boost brain power for exams, combat hangovers and ensure they enjoy a balanced diet.

Val Hutson, Gemma Fletcher, Kay Billingsley and Rhian Andrews are aiming to open a fruit and vegetable juice bar at the University campus to improve the nutritional intake of students who sometimes eat more fast food than they should. They also want to raise awareness of the importance of the ‘5 a Day’ campaign.

The group of four 2nd year Health and Nutrition students have undertaken extensive research and have developed a series of nutri-juices to specifically target the needs of students. They are:

  • Brain Booster, which is great for lectures, concentration, memory and studying for exams.
  • Red Hot Devil, which is particularly targeted at sports and performing arts students because it is great for circulation, bone and strength and great to have before the gym.
  • Toxin Eradicator, which aids digestion, poor diet and is good for excessive drinking.

Val said: “According to our research, students frequently consume fast food, sugar, sweet beverages and other calorie dense foods because they are always on the go and will sometimes grab the easiest thing in front of them. We’re really passionate about wanting to improve the diets of students and wanted to create a product that is low in cost and provides them with one of their five portions of fruit and veg each day.

“Research we have conducted confirms our fears that students at Edge Hill are not meeting the Government’s recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and we want to do something to alleviate this problem.”

As a result of their innovative idea, they have been awarded £500 to start up their new business venture and are set to launch the new products on campus on Wednesday 22nd January, from 9am to 1pm.

Kay said: “Being students ourselves, we understand the importance of their needs because we’re in similar positions. Instead of spending a couple of quid each morning grabbing a calorie-laden latte, we thought it would be great to create a juice that is within budget, fits into their hectic lifestyle and is a healthy option.

“We’re planning on using the launch to test the market for our idea and if students are interested, we’re hoping to attract further funding to be able to expand the business to reach more staff and students.”