ovgDigital marketing agency Online Ventures Group has been placed within Prolific North’s top 50 list of digital agencies in the North and has been revealed as the youngest of all of the companies listed.

The list, which has been devised by publishing company Prolific North, includes some very big names from the digital industry, all of which have been ranked based on financials from Companies House and information supplied by the agencies themselves. A number of services are covered including search, PPC, website development, content creation, mobile and e-commerce.

James Welch, CTO of Online Ventures Group, said: “Prolific North’s top 50 list is a great idea and we’re thrilled to have been included in it. Since OVG began trading in 2012, we’ve managed to become one of the most influential digital agencies in Manchester and have achieved great things in the short space of time we’ve been active. 

“While there are some huge names on Prolific North’s list, we have the unique honour of being the youngest company. This shows precisely how far we’ve come in such a short space of time. We have very big plans for the future and expect 2014 to be an even better year for us than 2013 was.”

OVG ranked in 34th position on the list, with the second youngest company – Mosquito Digital – to have been founded in 2010 and be in 50th place. Meanwhile, the oldest company is CSI Media, which dates from 1989 and came in at number 17.

When ranked from youngest to oldest, the companies in Prolific North’s list are as follows:



Online Ventures 2012
Mosquito Digital 2010
Apadmi 2009
Building Blocks 2008
Response Tap 2008
Ampersand 2008
Enjoy Digital 2008
Return on Digital 2008
Webtise 2008
Lakestar McCann 2007
Hit Search 2007
Media Works 2007
Twenty Six Digital 2006
The E-Word 2006
Orange Bus 2006
Epiphany 2005
Search Laboratory 2005
Fat Media 2005
Clicky Media 2005
I-Com 2004
RO Eye 2004
Branded3 2003
Click Consult 2003
Just search 2003
CTi Digital 2003
Livelink 2002
Silverbean 2002
Latitude Digital Marketing 2001
Summit Media 2001
Fuse8 2000
Numiko 2000
Magnetic North 2000
Code Computerlove 1999
Rippleffect 1999
New Mind 1999
Blueleaf 1999
Axonn Media 1999
Cube 3 1999
Carpe Diem 1999
Prodo Digital 1998
RE:Systems 1997
Mando 1997
Stickyeyes 1996
Amaze 1995
Fast Web Media 1995
HMA Digital Marketing 1995
Mediaburst 1992
KMP Digitata 1991
Headland 1991
CSI Media 1989


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