As many may be aware, huddled was the proud official social media provider for the 7th Annual World Corporate Cup of Soccer 2014, which took place recently on 23rd-25th May 2014 in Liverpool.

The event, which took place at Liverpool’s stadium Anfield, was a great success. The event was split into two competitions – the SOCCER 6 and SOCCER 11. The event was a chance for companies to network whilst participating in some good old fashioned competitive sport. A good time was had by all the teams involved with medals awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams in each competition. The final standings of the teams that entered the competition can be found here.

Soccer Cup

The event was a prelude for the World Corporate Games, which are due to take place in Liverpool on 26th-29th June 2014, an event that huddled will again be the official social media provider for. The games will coincide with the International Festival for Business 2014 and will provide people from all over the world with the opportunity to compete in the 24 Sport Programme of the games. Some of the sports lined up for the event include; football, basketball, athletics, swimming and even a triathlon.

You can keep up to date with all of the announcements and news for the World Corporate Games by following @corpgamesuk on Twitter now.