Business incubators are set up to give small businesses the very best start. New enterprises need all of the help they can get. In an incubator scenario, they have a space that they can call their own. There is also the opportunity to experience an environment where they can nurture talent in suitable facilities, regardless of sector.

Although there are many startups in Manchester that are doing well, SME’s need support so that they can become a successful and sustainable company. Incubators offer space where businesses can meet clients, as well as benefiting being surrounded by other companies and entrepreneurs who are in similar positions.

Here are four business incubator projects in the Manchester area:


Innospace is based in the city centre and specialises in assisting graduates from the North West at the beginning of their start-up adventure. There is room for over 120 businesses, with access to free broadband, printing and meeting rooms.

Tenants are able to attend master classes each week, with presentations covering many different business issues including sales, entrepreneurship skills and negotiating.

The Venture Space

Located in East Manchester’s science park, One Central Park, The Venture Space is aimed towards the nurturing of the next wave of Manchester’s ambitious business entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of support programmes at The Venture Space which allow small businesses to flourish. There are also regular seminars and training programmes geared towards assisting startups at the earliest moments in their development.

The University of Manchester Incubator Company

Focusing on biotechnology and high-tech startups, businesses can benefit from the focused infrastructure and research assistance at the incubator which together aims to propel resident companies forward.

There are two locations:

  • The Incubator Building and the Core Technology Facility
  • North Campus Incubator and The Technology Centre at One Central Park

One Central Park

One Central Park is just a part of what will soon become the biggest urban business park in Europe. The aim of the project is to ‘transfer the academic knowledge base into the marketplace, using enterprise as a transfer mechanism’. The 12,000 sq. ft. of space enables fledgling enterprises to grow quickly. The aim of Once Central Park is to embrace the training of technicians and manage the growth of emerging talent that the labour market can tap into.

A guide to Manchester Incubator projects

Manchester is currently buzzing. There is a wealth of digital companies based here and plenty more who’re swarming to the city. The vibrant environment, superb infrastructure and the active community has ensured that the city is home to the UK’s 2nd largest digital cluster after London. A lot of that is down to the incubator projects that offer support for innovative startups.

Are there anymore Incubator projects in Manchester that you’re aware of that has helped your business grow and prosper? Let us know by leaving a comment below or by joining in the conversation on Twitter.