The JMW Solicitors website has been given the thumbs up from a charity for blind people after an ‘audit’ by one of the visually impaired people it supports.

Kimberley Burrows, 25, a service user at Henshaws Society for Blind People in Manchester, assessed the JMW website and found it to be easy to use and completely accessible for blind visitors.

Kimberley, who is a keen illustrator, blogger and user of social media, uses VoiceOver technology on her iPad to surf the internet.

After JMW was announced as the official sponsor of Henshaws Bright for Sight fundraising campaign we asked the charity to ‘audit’ the website to check its design and layout was compatible for blind and visually impaired people using such technology.

Kimberley found she was able to navigate all of the JMW website features with the VoiceOver system, and could easily access everything from news items to Tweets and contact details.

Kimberley commented:

“I’m so pleased that JMW wanted me to test their website using the assistive technology of my iPad. Everything was accessible with my VoiceOver function; it’s a very well presented website with lots of useful news, information, and contact details and I’m thrilled that they want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. I want to say a big thank you to JMW for supporting the Bright for Sight campaign this year for Henshaws.”

Glen Lockett, head of fundraising at Henshaws, said it was great that JMW had taken the opportunity to ensure its website worked well for visually impaired people and had been willing to listen to suggestions and make changes where needed.

Glen commented:

“The result of the audit was a clean bill of health for JMW’s website from a visually impaired person’s point of view. However just the fact that as a company JMW had thought about how the blind and partially sighted community could engage with their site was very encouraging and shows their commitment to the Bright for Sight campaign.”

Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, said that as a company who has worked on behalf of many people who had lost their sight needlessly due to poor medical care or avoidable accidents he was delighted with the results of the audit.

Eddie commented:

“We have always tried to ensure that the JMW website is user friendly and accessible to a range of audiences, including people with different disabilities as many of our clients are coping with different challenges. However we are very grateful to Henshaws and Kimberley for taking the time to do the audit and give the JMW website their seal of approval.”

JMW Solicitors are the official sponsors of Henshaws Bright for Sight campaign, which aims to raise money to provide Henshaws’ vital community services by asking people to take part in bright themed activities on and in the run up to Bright for Sight day on 9 October.

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