Tomorrow (4th September) is National Cycle to Work Day, a nationwide event organised to encourage British residents to switch from four wheels to two when making their daily commute.

The one day initiative is being championed by multi gold medal winning Paralympic cyclist, Dame Sarah Storey. Last year there were 20,000 commuters involved, collectively cycling over 250,000 miles to their workplace and back. The long term aim is to increase on the 760,000 people in the UK who regularly cycle to work, looking at having at least 1 million people commuting by pedal power each day by 2020.

Look after yourself

There are many reasons to ditch your own means of transport, or to wean yourself off our faltering public transport systems. Cycling to work is great for your health, wallet, and is also fantastic for the environment. When you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work, many don’t consider that they themselves are the traffic. They are the problem.

Cycling to work helps to relieve traffic on our increasingly busy roads, and during peak times, it means that everyone will be able to get to where they want quicker.

Perform better when at work

Cycling can also assist with performance when at work, benefiting from being more alert and awake in the mornings as well as being able to deal with stresses better than non-cycling colleagues. After all, the health benefits, especially with regards to the cardiovascular system, are extremely well documented.

Make your pledge

This year, the event has gone into its second year and it’s now easier than ever to support the cause. You could join in and make your pledge as to how many miles you’ll be cycling on the day, or you could just spread the word by sharing this article or by telling your friends or colleagues.

At the time of writing, collectively the pledge was up to a huge 197,000 miles, with 13,083 cyclists, 348 employers and 482 retailers pledged to join in the day.

This begs the question, why not a cycle to work week, or cycle to work month? Why can’t people choose this method to get to work for the longer term? Maybe the weather and infrastructure is an issue, and here at huddled, we’ve written before about the current cycling infrastructure in Manchester, as well as some leisurely bike rides in the area.

National Cycle to Work Day

You might not be as fit as Tour de France winners Bradley Wiggins or Chris Froome. You don’t even need to be. The freedoms, health and monetary benefits which are offered through commuting by bike are incredible.

In Manchester, we also now have the benefit of employers who’re making commuting by bike easier. They offer cycle stores and showers, community cycling cafes, as well as TFGM organised initiatives like the local Bike hubs.

Make the most of it.

The weather forecast looks positive this week, so if you have a bike it might be worth leaving the car at home and dusting the bike down. You can connect with Cycle to Work Day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Why not let us know how you got on in the comments below or on our very own Twitter page.