With a crisp, cool air now hanging over Manchester and the surrounding boroughs, some may shy away from walking their dogs.However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter can be an excellent time to hit the trails with your pooch.

There are  a variety of popular dog walks throughout the city and Greater Manchester area, and here at Huddled we’re going to give you a few of the best. So don your walking boots or wellies and get outside in that gorgeous fresh air that only winter brings. We guarantee you and your dog will both benefit from stretching your legs!

Manchester Ship Canals

The Manchester Ship Canals are one of the city’s most iconic locations. Stretching all the way from Liverpool to Cheshire and revelling in nature’s charm, the canals are the ideal place to venture with your dog.

It’s exciting to see the barges that grace these waters as well as the wildlife, although it’s advisable that you don’t walk down there alone at night, simply for safety reasons. However, for a lovely stroll on a cool Sunday afternoon, the Manchester Canals are ideal.

There are even a variety of pubs and bars along the way, meaning you and your pooch can also put your feet up.

 Chadwick Dam

Another watery route in Manchester is around the Chadwick Dam. This paradise is on the outskirts of Ashton and offers gorgeous views of autumnal trees and frost dusted waterways.

If you are planning on driving your dog to the dam, there’s a pay and display service here so be sure to bring some change. The dam has toilets on offer and there is also a designated lead policy to avoid dogs coming into contact with each other, so you can be sure your pet will be safe.

Bellot Street Park

Located in Cheetham Hill, this doggie walk heaven has been designated by the council as an area specifically for dog walking. The park features vast, open areas and a variety of benches so you can take the load off whilst your dog runs riot.

The park is open from dawn until just before dark hits, which means it’s a park best enjoyed on the weekend as opposed to evenings during these winter months, but its an excellent place to get outdoors and get some fresh air for all the family.

 Chorlton to Sale Waterpark

couple walking dog

Another favoured walk near water, this trail passes along a heaven of wild nature and the River Mersey. There’s a car park located at the trail start in Chorlton, which makes it an excellent option for people wanted to drive their dogs out of the city or towns.

The entire walk takes one and a half hours, and an extensive direction list can be found on dog walking specialist website, Walkiees.co.uk.

 Hullard Park

This park located in Stretford can appear small on first view, yet if you venture into the park with your pooch we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Featuring well kept flower beds, benches and children’s play area, Hullard Park is one for all the family including your dog.

It isn’t a huge walk, but its excellent for a short stretch of the legs, which is why Hullard Park has made our list.

There are, of course, many other places that one can walk their dog in Manchester and the surrounding areas, but above are a list of our favourites. We hope you find the time to indulge your doggie in one of our exciting ventures this winter!

Where are your favourite places to walk your dog in Manchester? Do you think there are any walks that could perhaps do with a renovation? Get in touch below and leave us a comment or tweet us @HuddledNW.