A 15-year-old Greater Manchester schoolgirl has launched her first Kickstarter campaign to raise investment and backing for her debut children’s book.

Behind the Magic Door, by Nicole Warriner, will take readers on a beautiful, personalised adventure to rescue the letters of their own name – discovering their creativity, imagination and curiosity throughout the story.

As a budding children’s author, Nicole wanted to create a magical world for her readers to enjoy whilst also supporting each child as they learn to read. Imagination and identity sits at the heart of Behind the Magic Door and the Stockport local is excited that her dream is about to become a reality.

She said: “I have loved books ever since I can remember – my passion for reading grew nearly as fast as my bookshelf and I would spend hours and hours lost in a magical land. I am still an avid reader and I have been so inspired by books that I wanted to share my passion with others – what better way than writing my own magical adventure?”

The big difference with Behind the Magic Door is that it will be a personalised story for children, helping them to read but also learn about honesty, bravery and kindness. As they find each letter of their name they create their own personal adventure.

With the help of Teddy, the trusted sidekick and conscience, the child will go on a journey, meeting colourful characters along the way as well as learning important life lessons, to encourage them to be the best person they can be.

Nicole is being supported by proud dad, Richard, and the duo are hoping to reach their £2,000 Kickstarter pledged goal by December 3, 2015. Launched at the weekend, the team are already a quarter of the way to their target after pledges from backers.

To encourage investment, there are several exclusive reward categories, dependent on the level of pledge received, which include:

  • A numbered first edition book, with foil and embossed illustration
  • A significant discount on the purchase price for our Kickstarter backers
  • A free electronic colouring book for all of the A-Z characters for children to print and colour at home
  • A bedtime reading guide, making bedtime stories extra fun for both parent and child, as well as general advice on interaction during these times
  • A secret code – each book will come with a cypher for Kickstarter investors to unlock a magical world on the Behind The Magic Door website

The Kickstarter investment will be used to help launch the book into the mainstream market, with the majority of the funding paying for the production of the book and Kickstarter fees. Any leftover funds will go towards distributing the book internationally.

Richard said: “It’s been quite a journey to get to this point, Nicole has such a strong vision and we really feel we have developed a unique story-telling experience.’

“We want our readers to have a truly personalised experience, so we have incorporated features like being able to change the skin tone of the main character, interactive hidden features and a dedication page for the reader.’

“This approach has helped us develop a children’s book that is completely different to anything else currently in the market. We are already thrilled at the response to our Kickstart campaign – any support people can give us will move us one step closer to making it a reality.”


To place a Kickstarter pledge for Behind the Magic Door, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1346507271/behind-the-magic-door