•   Since its launch in 2012, the health and nutrition supplement business has created a 90% female customer base in a male-dominated industry.

•   JST Jodie has sold over 130,000 products and has an annual turnover of £6 million.

•   The brand plans to expand substantially with convenience NPD and more staff.

Based in Lancashire, JST Jodie, the health and nutrition business established by INBF Body Building Champion and entrepreneur, Jodie Marsh, is celebrating four years of successful trading.

Launched to bridge the gap in the male-dominated fitness supplements market, and empower British women to work out and get healthy, the brand has gone from strength to strength over the last four years and has created a 90% female customer base, with 130,000 product orders and an annual turnover of over £6 million.

Chorley based, JST Jodie has four full-time employees but plans to expand substantially over the next four years as more products are introduced to the range. The brand also plans to invest more in marketing the range to Britain’s growing number of female fitness enthusiasts.

Jodie Marsh created the product range to help her successfully become the INBF Natural Body Building Champion of America. Not wanting to become a sponsored ambassador for another brand, Jodie worked with nutritional specialists to devise a range of her own products that would assist her training schedule. Being a strict vegetarian, Jodie also wanted to create a range that was suitable for her dietary needs and daily nutritional requirements.

JST Jodie currently boasts a 14-strong product range, and 100 stockists nationwide, many of which are gyms and health clubs. It is also sold via the JSTjodie.co.ukwebsite. Over the next 12 months, the brand plans to introduce a range of convenience “on the go” nutritional products, plus a supportive collection of fitness books, workout and recipe videos for customers looking for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Jodie Marsh commented: “I am immensely proud of what we have achieved with JST Jodie – I wanted to empower other women to get fit, and show them that taking protein and supplements to power workouts and become the best versions of themselves wasn’t just for boys. We have successfully created an army of fans who believe in our “strong not skinny” ethos, which I feel is extremely inspiring and healthy in today’s image-obsessed culture. Our product range is second-to-none and we have lots of exciting launches and campaigns planned for the future.”


For further details on the brand and its products, visit www.jstjodie.co.uk.