We all know that eating at our desks isn’t the best thing for us but sometimes the deadline is looming and needs must. Trying to type at top speed is undeniably difficult with a sandwich in one hand but equally, if you eat nothing, your energy will drain quickly and the day will come to a stumbling halt.

So, what should you eat for maximum satisfaction and maximum productivity?

Well, we’re glad you asked…


Veggies and Hummus

Crunchy and satisfying, veggies like celery, cucumbers and carrots are full of vitamins and minerals like vitamins K, A and C. These help to give you beautiful, clear skin and give you a bit more energy. The hummus is also really good for you as chickpeas contain lots of protein and fibre.

For a desktop lunch, the combo is perfect for one handed dipping. And as you can choose the length of each dipper, you don’t need to keep picking things up and putting them down again in between typing.


A classic with a twist: soup in a mug. I don’t think we need to say much more, other than dispensing with the bowl and spoon hasn’t just reduced the washing up, it’s revolutionised soup consumption.

Avocado on Toast

A rather British version of guacamole and tortilla chips, this is warm hearty and quick to prepare. With its lovely silky texture, avocado has risen to fame but you shouldn’t dismiss it as a hipster choice. Avocados are packed with vitamin B which is great for having a bit more energy and while they are packed with fibre to keep you full, they are low in sugar so you can avoid the rush.


There are lots of ways to make a salad but an al desko salad requires a couple of modifications: everything should be ready cut for optimal shovelling and too much oil or dressing will drip all over your keyboard. Our favourite salad is Greek salad made with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, onion slices and plenty of feta but you could happily make your own with all sorts of different ingredients. Go wild.


A Moroccan favourite, couscous is a really easy and filling meal. Just pour boiling water on top and wait for it to grow for a light and fluffy meal. If you’re feeling fancy you can top the couscous with chicken or chargrilled veg, otherwise a bit of stock and you’re away.


So you see, eating al desko might not be the ideal lunch break, but you can easily find filling nutritious foods to keep you going all afternoon. And you might even get some jealous looks from your colleagues!