Having a successful small business is an amazing achievement. It takes real determination to reach this point and now, if you want to, you can start working towards the next level by expanding your local business.

Expansion might sound big and scary, but actually, you don’t have to make any radical changes or make too many changes at once. Instead, you should sit down and think about how you would like to expand and what you need to prioritise in order to achieve your goal. This way, your expansion will be more like a series of small but necessary changes rather than a sudden overhaul.

Here’s how you can expand your business without moving or opening new premises… yet.

Recommendation Scheme

You can encourage your customers to recommend your business to their friends by offering a deal of some kind. It might be a discount on future products or services or possibly a voucher for every recommendation. This is a great way to get your customers networking for you and is especially effective as their personal recommendation will be taken more seriously than your own marketing efforts.

Get a Facebook Business Page

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is a great way to introduce your business to Social Media Land. It is free to make and gives you the chance to tell people about your business, how they can come and find you and give them photos that represent you well. You can also add a call to action button that will encourage visitors to interact with you. This button might invite them to call you, send you a message or visit your website.

Host an Event

If you want to increase interest in your business, a simple method is to hold an event. It depends on your business type, but broadly speaking giving a presentation of some sort and following up with drinks and nibbles is a good format for any event. This will give you the opportunity to showcase a particular product, service or skill and then mingle with people to make valuable contacts for later.

Get a Website

When you are searching for a product or a service, one of the first things you will do is turn to Google. So, if your customers are all online, it makes sense for you to be too! Your website needs to give a good impression of your business. This means that everything from the pictures to the tone of voice you use need to appeal to your current customer base and appear professional and trustworthy. Like your Facebook page, your website needs to give an outline of who you are, what you do and how people can get in touch to discuss your business further.

Get an E-commerce Website

If you can sell your product online, then an e-commerce site is a logical route to expansion. You can bring your products to more people quickly and easily without the hassle of physical shops. You may need to consider extra storage space though for the extra stock you will be selling online.

These methods will help you to expand your business without making any drastic changes that incur a lot of upfront investment. By increasing your visibility, you will increase the number of customers you have and be on track for expanding your business even further.