Award winning HR company High Performance Consultancy will be offering advice on employment law and changes to Employment Tribunal legislation at the first in a series of exclusive events.

Downtown in Business will launch its ‘Work Smart’ programme this month at a breakfast forum in Manchester on Tuesday 10th October at the Marriot V&A Hotel.

Downtown boss Frank McKenna explained:

‘We have a very ambitious, entrepreneurial membership. This series of events will offer advice and support from industry experts on the key issues that challenge business growth. Tax, raising finance, recruitment and retention of talent, marketing and sales strategy will all be covered in an events programme that will give the business owner a genuine opportunity to learn about those aspects of a business that may be ignored at times- but are essential to get right if you want a successful company.’

First up in the ‘Work Smart’ series is the Managing Director of HR outsourcing firm, High Performance Consultancy, Victoria Brown.

‘Having grown three businesses, and sold one of them, I am delighted to have been asked to contribute to the ‘Work Smart’ event. The changes that are being implemented around employment law at the moment, including the contentious issue of tribunal fees, are a huge issue, for companies big and small.

‘I will be focussing on what potential difficulties business could face as a result of those changes – and telling you how you can safeguard against the worst effects of this new legislation.’

To book on to the first ‘Work Smart’ event please contact