Like a hawk circling for prey, San-iT’s got their eye on the internet’s most relevant and engaging publications for the business tech industry. Here are our top ten favourite sites and why we love them for keeping a finger on the pulse.

This Irish contender burst onto the scene in 2001 and has since risen to become a star among its peers. Featuring news from the tech-hub that is Dublin, it also chronicles the global tech landscape frequently featuring stories from the US and Europe. Expect gadgets, start-up news and scientific research. Award-winning and engaging, this publication offers insight for CIOs and aspiring IT managers alike.

Taking a consumer turn, let’s talk about TechRadar’s uncompromising ability to deliver you deep, geek reviews, advice and news (because we all need a little light lunchtime reading.) Unashamedly obsessed with all things tech, you can rely on the journalists at TechRadar to offer you original content, exclusive access and, crucially, independence. The feather in this publication’s hat is the objective test data they offer from their TechRadar labs.

If DevOps, Data Management and GDPR are on your radar, Computer Weekly talks your language. Targeting senior IT leaders, this site casts a wide and well-respected net into the industry, attracting news and opinion from those at the forefront of technological business change. Currently featuring the hot topic of AI, alongside the upcoming data regulation, this site makes for informative reading and a bank of knowledge that’s bound to impress your peers.

Rich with IT opinions and interviews, this site empowers businesses to make the very best use of IT (a little like us!). Delivering strategic, business management advice, it’s ideal for those in IT leadership roles. Guiding and educational in style, this is a solid resource for IT system and tool reviews, leadership approaches and talent attraction and retention.

Covering the latest technology news and information on start-ups, Tech Crunch is the Hello magazine of the IT world. Articles featuring big-brand names adorn the front page, while live events and how-to guides make for a varied and interesting read. Head here for your daily dose of IT gossip and rumour, and exciting ventures in the IT start-up world.

Firmly in the leadership category, ia brings you topical, highly relevant issues (such as the Internet of Things, drones, Bitcoin and Big Data) in short form articles backed up with in-depth whitepapers, research, guides and reports. This is informative fodder. With a dedicated nod towards Women in Tech it’s one of the few on our radar to pay this subject its dues. Is this the Guardian of tech news? We’ll let you decide.

Techworld is focused on digital disruption – the place where IT innovation and business collides. Featuring the latest in disruptive tech and its impact on the business world, this read offers you a blend of analysis, features and expert advice. Including tutorials alongside ‘one to watch’-type articles and ‘best of’ style pieces, there’s a wide variety of content that makes this an accessible site and one of our go-to favourites.

Ground breaking research and trends offer a unique perspective on tech innovation. This is the place to go for deep context and inspiration. Less gossipy than some, Venture Beat is informative without being inflammatory (all important when covering Apple’s latest release). We like Venture Beat for its global coverage too.

Surprisingly light in tone, Business Insider’s tech stories pair the latest tech advancements with a relevance to everyday life. Bitcoin, Apple X and investment news sit comfortably alongside each other in articles that bring their importance to the fore. Consumer-esque in style, don’t be put off by the title. You’ll find many intriguing IT reads among its pages.

Wired serves you content that connects. This site reports on emerging technologies and how they impact culture, the economy and politics. A great read for getting out of the cables and into the clouds, it’s a favourite at San-iT.  Read to embrace the power and potential of tech.