A few weeks ago, Thornton & Lowe launched their online bid writing training. As a SME, the company recognised that some people find it very difficult to get away from the office for more than a couple of hours a day, so they wanted to provide something that was easily accessible and something people could dip in to when they could.

When running a business, time is precious, yet developing and improving is equally as important. The main focus is to allow companies to feel empowered to improve their approach to working with local authorities.

Within a few days, the company has seen interest and uptake with the course, which shows there is a need and that help is being offered. So far, there’s been a nice mix of new people accessing the course, as well as people who have attended the workshops, using the online training as a refresher – so it ticks important boxes for Thornton & Lowe.

The course is full of tips, tools, guidance, advice and suggestions, reminding bidders that:

  • Every bid is unique
  • Every bid requires win themes
  • Every bid needs to be written persuasively

The course was developed by Charles Grosstephan, Bid Training and Consultancy Manager, at Bolton based Thornton & Lowe. Charles, who was Thornton & Lowe’s Bid Manager for a few years, has developed a number of bid and tender training courses.

Charles said: ‘I speak with hundreds of people every year about bidding and no one finds it an enjoyable experience. We want to provide a mechanism to help businesses grow. The online training seemed an obvious way of doing exactly this and it’s great that people are already taking advantage of it.’

Anyone can access the training on the website or by phoning 01204 238 046 or contacting training@thorntonandlowe.com.