Health guru and gym instructor Emma Roycroft is leading the exercise sessions at the attraction, the UK’s first inflatable theme park.

She says a regular hour-long bounce at the venue will burn more than 700 calories – the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac and small fries.

That’s far more than you’d achieve in a standard 60 minute stint in a gym’s weights room or on the treadmill.

And Emma, 35, says that because bouncing on inflatables requires you to use your core muscles, ‘without even really thinking about it’, it could also be key in getting a washboard stomach.

But be warned – to burn-off the estimated 5,241 calories you’ll consume on Christmas Day, you’ll have to bounce for a whopping seven-and-a-half hours!

Zumba teacher Emma, based in Swinton, explains: ‘If you hit the treadmill at a steady pace for an hour, or did some weights, you’d typically burn through around 590 calories.

‘But what we’re seeing in the Inflata Nation fitness classes is that bouncing around like a mad thing actually burns much more – and it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym, too.

‘Bouncing is actually really physically demanding.

‘Our exercise classes last 45 minutes and people who wear ‘Fitbit’ type devices regularly clock 700 calories.

‘I’d expect that to be replicated in the regular, normal bouncing sessions, where mums and dads really go for it – and chase energetically after their children for an hour!’

Emma says her fitness classes at Inflata Nation are essentially a bouncy form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) combined with circuit training, featuring exercises like burpees, tuck jumps, sprinting – as well as going up and down the slides as quickly as possible.

There’s also a climbing wall at Inflata Nation where you can work on your upper body fitness.

Speaking about how bouncy sessions can crunch your abdominal muscles, Emma explains: “You work your core without even realising it, because you have to use your balance so much.

‘And that’s really good for abdominal strength.

‘With sit-ups, you’re just working one or two muscle groups – your upper and your lower abs.

‘But with an Inflata Nation bounce you’re working your chest, your lats, your glutes – everything at once.

‘It’s just a really, really good full body workout.’

Inflata Nation opened its doors in October this year having previously been a trampoline park called ‘Jump Nation’.

And Emma claims the inflatables offer a much more physically-demanding experience than trampolines do – with an hour-long trampoline bounce typically using just 400-500 calories.

Emma says: ‘It’s so much harder on the inflatables than it was on the trampolines.

‘People think they’re not going to get as much of a workout as before, but the opposite is actually true!

‘Even from my point of view, I feel more fatigued at Inflata Nation than I do with anything else – I teach 21 classes a week and Inflata is definitely the toughest.’

That’s a sentiment shared by several high-profile customers who attended the official launch.

Leanne Brown, star of Real Housewives of Cheshire, said: ‘Wow – I was absolutely shattered after half an hour of bouncing at Inflata Nation!

‘It’s so deceptive how tiring it is but still loads of fun.’

Meanwhile Inflata Nation founder Michelle Ball says she too has seen her fair share of sweaty participants – herself included.

She added: ‘I think we were all quite surprised at how tiring bouncing on the inflatables can be.

‘We get a lot of people looking hot and happy – and in need of a sit down – after 10 minutes of bouncing, and I can include myself in that group!

‘But we’re proud that Inflata Nation can promote health, fitness and physical development as well as a great family day out.’

The Inflata Nation fitness classes will launch once more in the second week of January, costing £6 for an hour and with numbers limited to 20 people per session.


For more information go to: Inflata Nation Classes



Six ‘pigs in blankets’ (390 calories) = 34 minutes of bouncing at Inflata Nation

Three slices of turkey (90 calories) = 8 minutes bouncing.

Four roast potatoes (600 calories) = 51 minutes bouncing

One bottle of Prosecco (496) = 40 minutes bouncing

Classic cheese board (450 calories) = 38 minutes bouncing

Four mince pies (1164 calories) = 1 hour 40 mins bouncing

10 Cadbury’s Heroes chocolates (510 calories) = 43 mins bouncing

One glass of Eggnog (88 calories) = 8 mins bouncing

Four pints of lager (720 calories) = 62 mins bouncing