Many businesses often work at height within their day to day operations. If your business uses step ladders or extension ladders you should always keep up to date with the ever changing regulations.

This year the EN131 and Class 1 classification is in the process of being completely changed. Class 1 for portable ladders is being replaced entirely and EN131 is being split up into two classifications; EN131 Professional and EN131 Non-Professional.

What is the difference between EN131 Professional and EN131 Non-Professional?

Both EN131 classifications are rigorously tested however the extent of the testing is what sets the two classifications apart. The professional classification is tested to hold a load of 2,700N and the non-professional is tested to hold 2,250N. New tests also consist of torsion tests and the feet of the ladder are also tested. Any portable ladder over 3m now requires a stabiliser bar under these regulations.

Do I need to change my ladders immediately?

There is no immediate requirement to change your existing ladders unless damaged or faulty. The next time you purchase a new ladder, it is recommended that it is purchased to meet the new standards.

Further Information

The key facts in this article outline the main changes in the new standards however if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. You can contact us via our contact form of give us a call on 01204 590 232. More information can also be found on our ladder standards page.